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Excellence in Daycare

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Excellence in Daycare & Pre-school Education

Little Explorers truly is a place where learning and fun become one. Children are more likely to retain information learned when they are engaged in an enjoyable and meaningful activity.
That is what Little Explorers is all about.


Our childcare programs and preschool curriculums integrate a wealth of intriguing and engaging learning activities that stimulate brain development in children.

Welcome to the

Welcome to the
Little Explorers of Bayside

What sets our preschool programs apart from all the rest?

It’s more than programs that are carefully researched and thoughtfully taught, it’s the fact that we approach everyday with imagination, innovation, and most of all, fun! We are a top rated daycare school that takes tremendous pride and joy in providing the absolute best learning environment for your childcare needs. Studies have found that learning improves when children are engaged in an enjoyable and meaningful activity. That’s why every curriculum includes a variety of intriguing activities that stimulate early brain development with a focus on creative play. It’s just another way that we make sure your child gets the most out of his or her school experience.

Additionally, we spend a lot of time just listening to and talking with the children. This type of positive interaction encourages the development of emotional, language, and social skills and enhances the development of a positive self-esteem. We also provide lots of opportunities for each child to develop personal interests at his or her own pace.


Why Choose Us

Little Explorers Constitution


  • We promise to greet you with open arms and a warm smile each and every morning.
  • We promise to provide you with exciting, fun and challenging learning activities each and every day.
  • We promise never to forget the importance of play and the magic of your imagination.
  • We promise to listen to you, laugh with you, and appreciate you for the wonderful you, you are!


  • We promise to provide your child with a warm, nurturing, colorful learning experience.
  • We promise to reinforce nice manners, good hygiene and the benefits of teamwork.
  • We promise to listen to you, work with you, to create for you the learning experience that best suits your family’s needs.


  • I promise to provide you with a fun, challenging, rewarding teaching experience.
  • I promise to support you, encourage your creativity and to appreciate your dedication to the children, their families and to me.
  • I promise to listen to you, value your insights and to work with you so that we will always cherish the warm, nurturing environment that defines Little Explorers.

Little Explorers Curriculum & Programs

Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees are based on the child’s age and the chosen schedule. Please fill out the contact form or call us directly so we can help provide all the information regarding our scheduling and classes for the upcoming season. Each year my staff and I assess our goals based on feedback we receive from both children and their parents, over the course of the past school year. We then modify policy, curriculum and schedules to better suit our family’s needs. However, our constitution never changes.

Ask About Our Summer Program

Summer information will be posted two months prior to the beginning of the summer program. Summer months include July and/or August. More information will be provided at the appropriate time.

What Our Parents Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank You for Inquiring About Little Explorers

As a mom of four children I realize the struggle of balancing family duties and work demands simultaneously. That’s why at Little Explorers we create a warm, stress free environment for your child to thrive in. Our class size is small so that each child gets one on one attention, a tremendous amount of love, and nurture.

If you come in for a tour you will notice our students are busy learning, giggling with a classmate or conversing with their teacher. We want all our students to be happy, healthy and eager to come to school each day!

If after reading our school’s literature you think Little Explorers is a good fit for you and your family please contact me to schedule a tour. I look forward to meeting you!

Warm Regards,
Kate Smith
Director and Mom

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